Safety features
Due to the design of this jockey wheel it is improbable that it will cause and accident.
The construction and the mechanical nature are that should it ever come loose it will follow the vehicle until it can be tightened again by the normal hand movement of locking the wheel.

User friendly aspects
As this wheel has the effect when fitted properly you can gain maximum ground clearance for normal and abnormal use and is easy operated by using the unique mechanism to hook and unhook the wheel, therefore does not necessitate to lift the trailer manually.

Technical data
This jockey wheel is also available in a triple wheel format for extra heavy-duty purposes, especially in sandy conditions or the moving of heavy custom built trailers. This wheel has a breaking point of 1.7 tons on the cup link hook it equates to two thirds of the weight that can be loaded on the trailer over its axcels, being 3.4 tons.
Rhino Jockey Wheel